Wednesday, December 29, 2010


I've wanted to get a pair of creepers since forever and now seems like a good time to get them (because I'm not dirt broke, like I usually am lol)..
but I'm stuck between whether I should get these
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(I think I love these so much because of Enid from Ghost world lol)
I love these aesthetically the most but I don't think they would go with things as well as these
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which are cute and probably would go with more things but I just don't like them as much..
hmm I'm horrible at making decisions..


  1. i like the white ones, probably because of enid as well (:

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  3. if you'v always wanted them get white because there's no denying their creepy creeperness! I love these shoes too but I hope to get black or purple ones and maybe with hearts on or something one day.